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Director’s Desk

Colleagues and Friends,

It is a great pleasure for me to express my sentiments as we begin this long journey of planting seeds for future academic excellence of our students and faculty colleagues. After spending nearly 50 years in USA as an academician with broad research activities in engineering and medicine, I have returned to India to start a research center focused on Surface Science and Nanotechnology. The center will provide the education and training for M.S, M. Tech and Ph.D. students in Surface Science and Nanotechnology. The center represents a partnership of government, industry and academia. We are privileged to have 10 major progressive companies as Industry Founding Members and serving on an Advisory Board. The University has provided the Infrastructure as well as recurring expenses of faculty, technical staff and students. The Government of Gujarat through its Department of Industries and Mines has provided Rs.3.5 Crores to purchase the state-of-art instruments for the center.

Surface Science and Nanotechnology are the two sides of a coin. When we explore at the level of nano particles, we have a tremendous increase in total surface area and hence the surface forces are responsible for self-assembly of nanostructures. The center will have an excellent research facility in surface characterization as well as bulk material characterization. We have acquired the state-of-art instruments in XRD, Ion Chromatography, DTA, DSC and TGA, LB surface film balance, Brewster Angle Microscope, Surface Potential, Dynamic Light Scattering as well as dynamic and static surface tensiometers and many other instruments. This centre will educate and train future generations of graduate students and post doctoral associates in surface science and nanotechnology areas.

I hope that using a strategic research approach, the center will contribute to solving the problems in energy, environment and agriculture. We have collaborative research projects with nearby universities in agricultural and petroleum engineering areas as well as overseas institutions on several other projects. We plan to build a solid platform of collaborative research activities with global academic community.

Through the establishment of this center, I have paid a tribute to my professor, late J. H. Schulman of Columbia University, NewYork, who taught me patiently the beauty and elegance of Surface Science and nanosystems.

In a sense, our humble efforts in establishing this center is like planting a mango or apple tree. The present generation will provide the necessary labor, fertilizer and water so that future generations will enjoy the fruits of this tree. I appreciate all the support and encouragement I have received from colleagues and friends both from India and overseas institutions.

With Best wishes and warmest regards,

Sincerely Yours,

Dr. Dinesh O. Shah, Founding Director

Shah-Schulman Center for Surface Science and Nanotechnology

Dharmsinh Desai University

College Road, Nadiad-387001, Gujarat, India


Center for Surface Science and Engineering and Professor Emeritus

Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Anesthesiology

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida , 32611, USA